Comparison of the Best Email Marketing Software Options


Here is a Google spreadsheet of the top email marketing software options, along with their pricing and a comparison of their features. To view the full list, proceed to this spreadsheet:

These software options vary a lot in their functionality. Here’s my take on the top alternatives and the main reasons that you’d need email marketing software:


An autoresponder is an automatic email follow-up sequence where customers subscribe and receive an automated sequence of emails. Aweber and GetResponse are the two most popular options. Other multi-function software such as Mailchimp and CleverReach also have this feature.

Email newsletters

Most of the options do have email newsletter software built in, including templates so that you can easily create nicely designed HTML newsletters. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, iContact, Benchmark are the most popular choices for email newsletter software.

Email delivery

Some services focus on email delivery. They tend to be a lot cheaper per email sent and have less functionality than software that is marketed as “Email newsletter software”. Popular alternatives are SendGrid, Postmark and Critsend.

Automated emails to customer segments

Many of these email services have the ability to send emails to a segment of your list. Intercom is based around this concept of segmenting your email list automatically and sending emails to certain segments. For example you can target users who have not visited your site for the past five days. Some other options are Bronto or

Social media marketing integrations

Many of the options allow you to integrate with Facebook, Twitter etc so that you can easily send a message via email and automatically post the message on Facebook for example.

Other features of email marketing software

There are a bunch of other features that you might be looking for, including: Analytics, exporting or importing email list, customizable sign-up forms, a/b split tests and integrations with other software.

You can view the full spreadsheet in the link below. If there is any software we missed, just let us know so we can edit the sheet.
Prepared By:

Rob Rawson is a co-founder of, a global recruitment platform where you can access very talented staff at affordable rates. They also have a technology called Time Doctor which is software to improve productivity and help keep track and know what your team is working on, even when working from home.

Rob resides in Sydney, Australia but can also be found in major cities around the globe, like Paris, Kiev or San Francisco.

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  1. Kate Ayana says:

    Email marketing is too simple if you have a bundle of email marketing softwares. From this post, I found many useful and simple softwares that I would love to use for my client projects. Thanks for making my life simple dude. Cheers!


  2. Mark Domington says:

    This is a great article to get insight into email marketing services. On the other hand I’d prefer sort of update for 2015. Prices had changed, the market is wider. There’s a lot smaller companies who can offer similar services but for half price. I personally use with their basic $9.95 monthly service and I’m completely satisfied.

  3. Cedric Markwatson says:

    Thanks Rob for this great stuff. Such a huge email marketing software you have mention in this post. If you are looking some other awesome email marketing tools, then visit this post:

  4. Sophia says:

    Aweber is probably one of the best options however I prefer free options since I am not looking for a large volume.

    If you have a blog or need to send emails to your rss subscriber its free using Google feedburner. Just need to setup your feed using Google feedburner.

    This is nice way to get free email, and you can focus on sending more targeted email from bulk email software like mailchimp and aweber since your volume may get reduced for regular newsletter emails.

  5. Sahan dineth says:

    Email marketing master Collection by David eisner helped me a lot to get immediate advantages over the ever-growing competition in email marketing.
    It provides 30 day money back guarantee asking no questions.
    Get more information here.

  6. Jessica says:

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the list! Can you recommend a self-hosted solution? We are concerned about protecting customer data.

    Thank you!

    • Admin says:


      You can try Active Campaign, they have an On-Site Edition which you can install on your own server.

  7. Chris says:

    Hi Rob,
    I’m interested to know what you are using at – time doctor seems to be using the intercom platform.

    • Rob Rawson says:

      Yes we are using Intercom for and Time Doctor. I also use Aweber and Getresponse for some other websites.

  8. Greg says:

    Hi Rob,
    I am in a bit of a rush, so haven’t looked through all of it.

    Have you done any research on Rapidmailer

    or on
    the useability, functionality of ‘self-hosted scripts’?
    Some I have heard of are
    By-pass Publisher
    Parabots AR system



    • Admin says:

      Hi Greg,

      We haven’t tried the ones you have mentioned, only those we personally added on the sheet. But you are welcome though to add those you mentioned, so others checking the list can try for themselves. Thanks

  9. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for this list!!! Very useful.


  10. Peter Kenzi says:

    Another great piece of software for sending newsletters directly from the local computer is NewsTurbo (

  11. Mike says:

    I use free 2,000 contacts package. You can send unlimited emails.

  12. smartmail24 says:

    Smart Mail 24 is a fake software
    If you buy it, you will lose money because it is a fake website
    Be careful it is a trap

    • Martin - says:

      Please let me know why do you think that or if you have any problems with your account. Thank you.

  13. I used to use mailchimp but I’ve found to be much cheaper. Personally I prefer their system aswell – their editor just seems more intuitive.

  14. andrei says: is a very very BAD COMAPANY.

    they have bad SMTP servers – all your emials will go to SPAM FOLDER.

    i asked to cancel my account and to stop to take more money from my credit cards.

    i asked again and again. my account is still active and they continue to steal my money from my credit card without my permission

    stay away dont give your credit cards detailes to this company

    • Martin - says:


      can you send me your account name? So I can solve these problems. Thank you.

    • Martin says: is a FRAUD. They have a McAfee Secured label on their site but they’re not part of McAfee’s program. They also state that they’ve been in business since 2010 (check their copyright 2010-2013 in the footer) yet the domain was registered only last year 2013… Be aware. It sounded too good to be true.

  15. Julian Ratcliffe says:

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  16. Nack Jan says:

    Hello Guys ! I’am used email software and bulk email software email marketing thank you for share you this software…….

  17. Alyssa says:

    I actually saw the link to edit the Google doc and included our information. Thanks!

  18. Alyssa says:

    Infusionsoft would also be a good company to use in your comparison document. If you would like more information about the platform, feel free to reach out and I can help answer your questions.

    Here is our website:


  19. Marcel says:

    Email marketing is the best method of marketing in terms of returns. The only catch is that some services are
    charging the earth and have too many rules. I usually rent or buy lists and Aweber and similar services require double opt in. allows me to send to any list and stay can spam compliant it also does all the email verification for me and
    ensures that the emails are Can Spam Act Compliant.

  20. Mike says:

    I’m using, for $10 USD offers all functions I need.

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