Offshore Outsourcing: Which Country Should You Hire From?

This week I had a friend ask me about setting up a team of python developers in the Philippines. I advised her not to choose the Philippines specifically.

Why? Simply because of the depth and availability of talent.

I searched on LinkedIn for the keyword “python” in the Philippines and there were 952 results:

LinkedIn search results for python programmers

Now compare the result with India’s at 24,638 and the United States, at 179,443:

LinkedIn search results for python programmers

With only 952 people, this is actually a very small talent pool especially when you consider that most of those people would not be suitable for the job. Just having the word “python” in your LinkedIn profile does not make you suitable to work as a python developer!

How do you figure out where to hire from?

This is where offshore outsourcing comes in. It is something we consider whenever hiring a new staff member at Here are a few examples of roles and the countries where they can usually be filled most easily:

  • Calling customers – For any work that involves calling customers or potential customers, the Philippines is a great option because it’s easy to find people with great English and minimal accents. High level sales roles – It’s close to impossible to find this offshore, however you can find US expats living in locations such as Mexico or Argentina.
  • Web development – The Philippines and India are great countries to consider for languages such as PHP or to build a simple WordPress site.
  • Desktop development – Ukraine and Russia are good options.
  • Project management – In our experience the best project management talent is in the US.
  • UX/UI design – It’s very hard (close to impossible) to find a high quality UI designer in India or the Philippines. You might need to focus on the US although there are some good high quality designers in Eastern Europe in our experience.
  • App Development: Indian and Ukrainian software development companies offer affordable app development.

This list is not definitive. There are great people in many countries. However there are some places where it is easier to find them, and that’s the point. Don’t focus too narrowly on one country unless you’re sure that the talent is available in that country. If necessary search across multiple countries. This is how you use offshore outsourcing to its advantage.

About the Author:

Rob Rawson is a co-founder of, a global recruitment platform where you can access very talented staff at affordable rates. They also have a technology called Time Doctor which is software to improve productivity and help keep track and know what your team is working on, even when working from home.

Rob resides in Sydney, Australia but can also be found in major cities around the globe, like Paris, Kiev or San Francisco.

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  1. Peter connects says:

    I realize its an old topic but I suspect a lot of people are still viewing this page as it popped in one of my google searches.

    The industry has changed a lot over the past few years, the discussion about salary is no longer valid as the ”staff leasing” model has evolved wherein the employer determines the salary of its offshore staff. The offshore service provider only makes a margin on the facilities and support services.

    Selecting a BPO service provider is a tricky process as there are so many to choose from and its hard to test the infrastructure of the company before commencing operations, something that I have experienced myself. Hence the reason I started my own company to help foreign companies overcomes these challenges. Feel free to check out my website for some more info

    Back to the topic. I have been doing business in the Philippine for over 4 years now and I know for a fact that Python developers are hard to find, not impossible but its hard to source good ones. I have about 5 developers that I have worked and could personally recommend.

    The fact that a destination such as India has an abundance of Python developers is great but the greatest challenge always remains in the search of qualifying these developers and more importantly keep them committed to your business. If you do not take care of your offshore staff it wont take long before they run off for a better offer. This is a mistake that far too many companies make, hence the reason a lot of them fail (+-50% in the first year of operations). On the flipside, it also makes a lot of sense that job hopping seems to be a national sport when there are so many foreign companies that do not take care of their staff.

  2. Alexander says:

    “Well Said Rob, I agree with you. When considering the projects for offshore outsourcing, the best choice can be Asian countries mainly India.”
    “In the case of
    web design and development offshore services,
    “many of the Indian companies provide world-class works up to the standard with their employees having a technically rich skill set and experience. “

  3. novage888 says:

    Yes, I agreed that with you for outsourcing web design to other people, but not just Philippines and India, because if you want your website work well, better find a good company.

  4. John says:

    I agree that not every aspect of your business process which can be outsourced must be focused in a small number of countries. Although money is one of the biggest factor’s why you’re holding back, you cannot discount the fact that you need a highly functional website. Only by hiring top caliber experts at lower cost can give solution to that regardless of the country where they came from.

  5. Bryan Wong says:

    As u mentioned points are likely good and looks professional ,but my point of view the outsourcing of my web designworks ,the offshore is not great nowadays.You should hire from own.

  6. Outsource web development says:

    We provide outsource web development Great service, advice for making and Web Development for Quality Service, Product development Excellent productivity in Worldwide.

  7. Kristine Martinez says:

    I bet on Philippines! I always do outsourcing in different countries, but for me Filipino Web Developer is the best. The communication is very nice. They work with high quality, plus they are more cheaper than other country. I always hired, they never gave me an headaches when it comes on deadlines. If you will need a Virtual Web Developer I highly recommended them!

  8. CoreGenie Technologies says:

    Wow! The post interesting for Us and really inspirational for web designer from india like us. We are a web design india company. We definitely use this next time. Meanwhile do you have a blog entry for upcoming trend in web design in 2015?

    Thank You

  9. jane says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! This post somehow challenge us to exert more and give our best to our clients. There are a lot of philippine seo company, providing world class service to their clients.

  10. outsourcing services philippines says:

    Thank you for sharing your honest opinion about here. I do respect your view about the talents in the Phils. but to tell you honestly Filipino’s have this kind of attitude and thirst of providing their client a good quality output.

  11. Ashley says:

    It doesn’t mean if they have “python” keyword you would hire them automatically. You need to interview each candidate first before hiring them.

    So don’t base your theory in the search result. Test them if they really fit in for that job.

    Philippines is better than other countries, which they provide the best quality and quantity.

  12. offshore outsourcing says:

    I know there are lot of offshore outsourcing company in the Philippines which is better than the other countries. Aside from that Filipino are hard-working and they give the best quality and quantity in any project.

  13. A. Solvy says:

    Wow Rob, you pointed OUT the killer facts that a Western company should take care —

    And yes, when we consider web design work offshore there are great people with rich skills in many Asian countries to do. But you should be able to choose the best from the rest

  14. Jose says:

    The company, I currently work for, outsources to India, customer support as well as administrative duties (such as quote writting). They might be saving money on the front end by paying pennies to these workers, however the disconnect that exist between the market that they serve and these workers in India is the biggest ocean that you can find….Business is being lost because of the disconnect, however the losses as compensated with the low wages. However this advantage quickly disappears when the company great first year profit, quickly level off and in consequence all that you can see is flat numbers and to certain extend, they have started to notice a decline in growth….Moral of this story, just because you can do it cheap, it does not mean that it will be sustainable growth…….

  15. GC says:

    Hi Fred,

    I will be asking you the same question, have you been and how long have you been to the Philippines to make such a comment?
    I know a lot of people without Masters degree and was able to find a job even after 30’s even in their 40’s.

    How many companies across all over the Philippines have you known to observe that there is a control of wages and political system is in place. I think companies should control the wage if the skills is not suitable for the salary. Skills should match with salary and not just the tenureship of the employee in the company. Political system is everywhere not just in the Philippines. I do not know such companies who require employees to work 50 to 60 hours per week, I know this is feasible during peak season but not as a daily working time for employees. Each employer is required for each employees to work 8 hours and in excess of that shall be payed as an overtime. Salary wage is not enough to raise a family, this I will have to agree and that is why it is more reason why Philippines needs more opportunities such as Outsourcing business so that more family can have more opportunities and therefore improve their lives. You said every Filipino you know wants to leave PH, i think your set of friends in the PH are what you call negaholics and is one of the reasons why PH is slow in moving towards a progressive country. Some Filipinos do not believe in their own country. A corrupt system will only be corrupted if you allow them. Philippines is in the process of cleaning its corruption.

    I work in a BPO and ever since our company has outsourced more work in the Philippines, it was the best decision ever made and has generated more profits for the company. The company I work for cares for its employees and in return the people working for our company cared for the company in return.

    Base on your last words, As an American employer you wouldnt outsource therefore you do not have a clear vision and experience to really assess how Philippines or other asian countries has helped companies across the world. Companies who invested in Philippines and other asian countries are not stupid to invest in something they haven’t assessed first.

  16. Fred Fortin says:

    Have you been to the Philipine’s? You cant get a job there IF your over thirty even with a masters degree.The system there is as close to surfdom as a corprate system can be.Several companies there,control the wage and political system.People work 50 to 60 hours per week and cant afford to loose their jobs even though they dont make enough to raise their family.Employees are scared to leave.They are burnt out by thirty years old.These companies have no regard for low wages they pay professional qualified employees.Every Filipino I know wants to leave PI.You dont help anyone by outsourcing work to a corrupt system that skims the profits for a few wealthy corporation ceos and a crooked GOV.Many other asian markets are the same.Outsourceing has its place but you need to know the country and the workplace enviroment that dictates the outcome. As an American employer I wouldnt outsource to another country period unless I checked very carefully the background and the benefits to both parties.

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