10 Futuristic Jobs That Barely Exist – Infographic


Explain an SEO job to someone who grew up in the ’60s and likely he will take you for a loon. Talk about how technology destroys jobs and he will tell you about jobs people used to have that had long since been taken over by machines.

Technology makes a lot of jobs obsolete, but it also creates lots of new ones in their place.

What will be jobs like in the future?

Kaplan Business School has an interesting take on the kind of work that we will be seeing in the future. Check out their latest infographic – 10 Futuristic Jobs That Barely Exist … or have only been invented.

10 Futuristic Jobs that Barely Exist - Infographic

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  1. Andrew Czerwinski says:

    The Canadian Scholarship Trust partnered with futurists and leaders in certain fields to identify new jobs in 2030. There’s overlap with your list. One that I add to the list is Protector of the Land. It’s a pretentious title, but hey, it’s an important job. Some segment of green space needs to be protected, so that we all don’t end up living in tiny housing units on top of each other. with no green space around.

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