Payroll: Paying via Ko-kard

Ko-kard is a payment option for workers in the Philippines only. The advantages of using ko-kard are:
  • You can send automatically from your bank card in countries such as the US, Australia, UK.
  • Potentially a lower cost than PayPal. The cost is $7 per transfer which compares with 4% for standard transfers and 2% for MassPay.
  • Employees receive money in their local currency (pesos) which saves them money
  • Workers don't need a bank account to receive the money. They will be sent a card in the mail and they can withdraw money from an ATM using this card.
  • The currency exchange rate is potentially lower than PayPal. They don't give a specific rate but say that it should always be the same or better than PayPal.
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The PayPal integration is set up for PayPal Mass Pay. This is the lowest cost way for a business to pay people on PayPal. The cost 2% of the transfer amount PLUS PayPal will effectively charge for currency conversion at a rate of approximately 2.5% although this varies depending on the currency. The maximum fee is $20 for international payments and only $1 for US and Canadian domestic payments.

If you do not have access to PayPal Mass Pay but you still want to use PayPal then you can pay manually through your PayPal account. In this case select the payment method as Manual. The costs will be significantly higher in this case.

The steps to setting this up are:

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What is the best way to structure the setup of a remote working team?


What is the best way to structure the setup of a remote working team?

What are pitfalls of setting up a remote team and how can they be overcome?

If you’ve decided to hire a remote digital marketing team, where’s the best place to start?

Those were the burning questions David Bain asked our very own Liam Martin, co-founder and COO of and Time Doctor, on episode #28 of the Digital Marketing Broadcast. is an online staffing site for long term jobs.

Time Doctor is a time tracking and productivity monitoring software designed for managing remote teams.

In this podcast, Liam discussed with David the the ins and outs of setting up a remote working team, reflecting on his 5 years of experience in outsourcing, designing and managing distributed ecosystems like those of and Time Doctor.

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List of Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines

For the past four years now, the Philippines had consistently earned top spots in Tholon's Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations, which ranks outsourcing cities around the world, moving to the second spot in this year's iteration of the rankings.

And although India is maintaining its dominant position in the rankings, trend suggest that the traditionally smaller markets can overtake behemoth rivals.

Cell center services are the largest percentage of the outsourcing market in the Philippines, although higher-end outsourcing services such as Web design, software development, and animation are starting to take hold.

Finance and accounting are also gaining ground as the Philippines push on to become regional and global hub for corporate backroom operations.

Check out our compiled List of Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines. And don't forget to leave a comment if you find this list useful!

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