Why Hiring Offshore is a Positive Force in the World

Hiring offshore

There is a lot of negative press about companies off-shoring jobs to India or the Philippines.

If you read an article about jobs going offshore and hiring offshore you hardly expect it to be a positive news article.

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Hiring Strategies of Google, Facebook, Apple and other Tech Giants

You might have heard of Google’s incredible focus on hiring talented intelligent people, or if you watched the Facebook movie you would have seen the coding competitions where elite coders would compete against each other while chugging alcohol.

I wanted to see what we can really learn from these tech giants especially their hiring strategies.

  Eric Schmidt, Google

“You are going to have to deal with the odd people. Not every single one of these incredibly smart people is a team player… Even if people don’t want them around, we still need them.”

Eric Schmidt
Chairman and former CEO

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Offshore Outsourcing: Which Country Should You Hire From?

This week I had a friend ask me about setting up a team of python developers in the Philippines. I advised her not to choose the Philippines specifically.

Why? Simply because of the depth and availability of talent.

I searched on LinkedIn for the keyword "python" in the Philippines and there were 952 results:

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IT Jobs with the Highest Pay and Fastest Growth – Infographic

In our last infographic, we showed jobs that will most likely go kaput in the next few decades due to artificial intelligence & automation.

The same changes that cause jobs to go extinct often create brand new types of jobs at the same time. Tools that allow internet monitoring, work tracking and online collaboration have helped open new job opportunities. Consider the type of factory assembly line work that no longer exists and the millions of IT jobs that have taken their place - the kind of jobs no factory worker in the 1950s could ever have imagined.

So if you are thinking about switching jobs, especially jobs in IT, this infographic is for you. According to our research, IT jobs have been fueling the economy worldwide. And it will continue to do so in decades to come.

Staff.com - IT Jobs with the Highest Pay and Fastest Growth Infographic

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