The State of SaaS – Infographic


According to Gartner, Software as a Service, or SaaS, will continue to experience a healthy growth through 2015 when worldwide revenue is projected to reach around $22 billion.

We're fascinated by SaaS at, probably because we have our own product Time Doctor, which is a Software as a Service.

Check out this infographic. It summarizes the current state of the industry.

The State of Software as a Service (SaaS) Infographic

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The Billion Dollar Startups – Infographic


Not many startups make it past the initial stages.

But for some, they not only made it through the typically rough early years, they also shot skyward to a billion dollar valuation.

Here are the so called billion dollar startups. We've only included companies that started 2004 onwards, the year Facebook was founded.

The infographic below is brought to you by Check out's software to monitor employees.
The Billion Dollar Startups Infographic from

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Is Telework the Future? – Infographic


How far do you think telework and telecommuting would achieve in 5 years?

There are already 34 million workers who telecommute at least occasionally in the U.S. According to Forrester research, this figure is expected to swell to 63 million by 2016, fueled by worldwide broadband adoption, better collaboration tools, and growing management experience.

Is Telework the Future? Infographic from

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Salaries of Web Developers in India, the Philippines, USA and Around the World


We created this infographic to show the salaries of web designers and web developers in different countries. Check it out!

This infographic is brought to you by, a software for monitoring employees.
Salaries of Web Developers in India, the Philippines, USA and Around the World

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