The Problems with Hiring Freelancers

Problems with freelancing jobs and hiring freelancers  

Online freelancing is a big thing.

Upwork (formerly oDesk) has grown by around 100% each year for the last 6 years. has completed over 4.1 million projects. So is freelancing the future of work? Do you see a future where everyone is working as a freelancer for several different employers? Read More

Cultural Issues When Hiring Someone in the Philippines

virtual communication with employee is a global hiring platform, but many of the staff we have are from the Philippines.

Why do we have so many people in the Philippines? Filipino people have a great combination of English skills and work attitude. Most Filipinos are dedicated, loyal and willing to do a great job.

If it’s your first time working with someone in a different country, you might notice some cultural differences.

If you are working with Filipinos or considering hiring someone in the Philippines, here are some tips on how to make it work successfully. Read More

How Much is Your Employee Costing You?

How much is your employee really costing you

Have you ever considered that employing workers cost more than just the salary you pay them? These are hidden costs: the taxes, the benefits, the equipment that your employee use, and these increases your actual employment costs.

So how do you calculate an employee’s true cost? Its very simple, and you can use our Employee Cost Calculator.

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10 Advantages of Virtual Teams

How to reduce your staffing costs by 40% and increase productivity

Virtual teams around the world

Once upon a time I had an office.

I used to visit it from time to time to check on the business and to see how everyone was going. It seemed at the time to be the right way to run a business.

Doesn’t every serious business have an office? Is it truly possible to run a business virtually?

The world is changing, and I believe that an “office” is a 20th century concept ready for disruption.

Lower office costs

That’s an obvious one, but did you realize how the costs of an office can add up? The lease, electricity, computer equipment etc, it all adds up to a very significant ongoing cost. Read More