Hiring Strategies of Google, Facebook, Apple and other Tech Giants

You might have heard of Google’s incredible focus on hiring talented intelligent people, or if you watched the Facebook movie you would have seen the coding competitions where elite coders would compete against each other while chugging alcohol.

I wanted to see what we can really learn from these tech giants especially their hiring strategies.

  Eric Schmidt, Google

“You are going to have to deal with the odd people. Not every single one of these incredibly smart people is a team player… Even if people don’t want them around, we still need them.”

Eric Schmidt
Chairman and former CEO

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Comparison of the Best Email Marketing Software Options

  Here is a Google spreadsheet of the top email marketing software options, along with their pricing and a comparison of their features. To view the full list, proceed to this spreadsheet: Read More

List of Social Media Management and Monitoring Software


Social media has now become an important part in many businesses' marketing strategies, including ours. That's how we came up two years ago with the idea of creating an openly editable spreadsheet where anyone can easily check and draw comparison for the software best suited for them.

This is a public list of Social Media Monitoring Software. There are many tools listed in this sheet, so we think it’s pretty comprehensive! But if you find one that we have missed, don't hesitate to let us know so we can add it to the list.


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Comparison of CRM Software


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software used to be dominated by large enterprise software companies. Now we have lots of fantastic CRM software alternatives especially in the Software-as-a-Service scene.

The 800-pound gorilla is Salesforce - a more "complete" package, expensive and more likely to be used only by larger organizations. But there are great alternatives to Salesforce, one is SugarCRM. Then you have a number of other alternative approaches to CRM, ranging from Highrise, a super-simple CRM, to more recent startups such as Close.io.

Feel free to collaborate with us in this project. Your contributions are very important. If you have any updates which you think could be beneficial to everyone, just let us know so we can edit the sheet.

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