Why use Staff.com versus Elance and Upwork (formerly oDesk)?

At Staff.com we believe that you can't build your business on contract work alone. You need committed long term employees that are able to work with you to build your company.

If you've never heard of Staff.com before, here are a few points that differentiate us from some of our competition.

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Hire an Accountant or Bookkeeper for $6-10 per Hour at Staff.com


If you run a busy accounting practice, you know how difficult it is to get reliable help. And if you do find someone they are going to cost a whole lot more than $10 per hour.

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Salaries of Web Developers in India, the Philippines, USA and Around the World


We created this infographic to show the salaries of web designers and web developers in different countries. Check it out!

This infographic is brought to you by Staff.com, a software for monitoring employees.
Salaries of Web Developers in India, the Philippines, USA and Around the World

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Tools for Remote Team Communication and Collaboration


When you're not working in the same office it can feel like it's impossible to "really" communicate and get the message across. But, these tools make remote team communication a whole lot easier and could even make you feel like you are working in the same team.

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About Staff.com

Staff.com is time tracking and time analytics software for the workday. We'll show you exactly where time is spent in your business and give you the answers to questions like:

  • Which departments or employees are the most productive?
  • Which websites & applications are the biggest time-wasters?
  • How much time is spent on which projects & tasks?
  • Much more...

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