Entrepreneur Showdown feat. Rob Rawson & Future Work Trends in 2020

Entrepreneur Showdown featuring Rob Rawson

Last week on Entrepreneur Showdown, hosts Joe Cassandra and Dan Franks talks about Trends for the Future of Work in 2020, a blog article written by Rob Rawson that list out predictions of what work will be like in the coming years.

As in the case of robots taking over jobs, especially jobs that can be automated with software, will be automated.

However, Dan thinks there may be population issue due to this; Joe thinks people need to get more creative with how they make money.

Rob also provided some insights on the type of work that is going to be replaced in the coming years and what you need to do to pivot from A to B, and also dived into outsourcing and how to make your team productive even if you aren’t in the same state or even country.

Listen to the fun discussion on the podcast by clicking play below.

Entrepreneur Showdown Episode 038 featuring Rob Rawson on work trends can be found here:

To Joe Cassandra and Dan Franks, a big thanks for this great opportunity!

Entrepreneur Showdown with Dan Franks and Joe Cassandra


  1. Christine says:

    Nice discussion. Was listening to this last night during workout.

  2. Joe Cassandra says:

    Thanks for sharing the interview!

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