IT Jobs with the Highest Pay and Fastest Growth – Infographic

In our last infographic, we showed jobs that will most likely go kaput in the next few decades due to artificial intelligence & automation.

The same changes that cause jobs to go extinct often create brand new types of jobs at the same time. Tools that allow internet monitoring, work tracking and online collaboration have helped open new job opportunities. Consider the type of factory assembly line work that no longer exists and the millions of IT jobs that have taken their place – the kind of jobs no factory worker in the 1950s could ever have imagined.

So if you are thinking about switching jobs, especially jobs in IT, this infographic is for you. According to our research, IT jobs have been fueling the economy worldwide. And it will continue to do so in decades to come. - IT Jobs with the Highest Pay and Fastest Growth Infographic

About the Author:

Rob Rawson is a co-founder of, a global recruitment platform where you can access very talented staff at affordable rates. They also have a technology called Time Doctor which is software to improve productivity and help keep track and know what your team is working on, even when working from home.

Rob resides in Sydney, Australia but can also be found in major cities around the globe, like Paris, Kiev or San Francisco.

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  1. akshay says:

    False Graphic for Australia, wages are low comparatively.

  2. Syed Mohammed Ahmad says:

    Staff has to go more as there have some lacks in jobs opportunity comparing to ELANCE.COM & ODESK.COM.

    There should be something new

  3. Richard Jacobs says:


    We noticed you already feature an education based infographic on Staff. We recently created an infographic entitled “Which College Graduates Will Earn The Most Money In 2013?” which you can check out for yourself here:
    We would like to offer you a copy of this infographic for use on your site, with a unique article to accompany it, all at no cost to you. This article will include a link back to Open Colleges, which you are free to no follow or remove altogether, if you wish.
    Just reply to this email & I will send you a copy, if you think this would interest your readers.

    Thanks for your time,
    Richard Jacobs

  4. John says:

    I really enjoyed this infographic. It’s worthwhile to know that mobile app dev is on top in IT jobs.

    Which Programming language is good for android development? Also which one is for iOS?

  5. Nils says:

    Great looking and interesting infographic!

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