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Today we’re excited to announce the upcoming re-launch of as an entirely new business: time analytics software for the workday.

Starting on June 1, you’ll be able to visit the new site at and sign up for a free trial of the time analytics software.

What about the old site?

In many ways, the former was a success. We’ve had many happy customers and provided jobs for people around the world who may not have otherwise found work. We have become a customer service-oriented company. We had (and still have) a competent team of developers, salespeople, and marketers working on

As grew, we experimented with a few variations of the business model.

The site went from a full-service hiring platform, to a membership site for companies to “do it themselves” and hire their own staff, to an online job site that was free for both employers and employees.

In the end, it didn’t seem that was going to live up to our high expectations for its growth. Although offered a valuable service, we didn’t get the timing or business strategy quite right. In hindsight, arrived late to the “online jobs” party, and we didn’t have enough to differentiate ourselves from the better known guests like Upwork,, and others.

Despite dedicated work from our employees, we’d misjudged the state of the marketplace and our competitors.

So what’s changing, and why?

We learned valuable lessons from, and gained unique insights into the needs of the customers we were serving. Around the time that we were starting to acknowledge our errors in judgment, we saw another unmet need in the market…

In addition to the small and medium sized businesses that we’d been dealing with for years, we began speaking to larger enterprises. Many of those larger companies were based in offices and had few remote employees, if any.

Talking to them, we learned that they had needs that weren’t being met. The executives and all levels of management needed more insight into what was happening inside of their businesses. They were flying partially blind, and as such weren’t able to manage their businesses or teams as effectively as they wanted to.

In some ways, their need for deeper insight into their businesses overlapped with those of the smaller remote companies that we’d been serving. But with their larger size and different structure come different challenges to solve.

We aim to solve those challenges with our new “time analytics” software. The best way to learn what it’s all about is to visit our features page or sign up for a free trial (after June 1).

We’ve had several beta customers using the product while it’s been under development. Their input has been invaluable in allowing us to launch a new product that we’re confident will satisfy.

June 1st is the beginning. The sky is wide open. Jump on board and we’ll soon have you upgraded to first class.

A note for existing customers:

If you had an account on the former, you’re probably wondering what’s happening to it.

If you have any active employment contracts through, we’ll continue to support you until those contracts end. We’ll be reaching out to you individually to help you minimize any turbulence related to the change.

For staff members who don’t have active contracts, we’re offering free access to a account for your own personal use.

For both companies looking to hire and staff members looking for short term contract or long term hourly work, we recommend Upwork and For hiring virtual assistants in the Philippines at local rates denominated in pesos we can recommend or For hiring high level remote developers (starting at $3k per month) we can recommend Stack Overflow. For hiring other high level remote positions we can recommend


  1. Keith Mander says: has been erroring out for me for the past few days. Site offline?

  2. Poonam says:

    Thank you for the update

  3. Sb says:

    Looks like you missed the mark again. Nobody will pay for this metric. Good luck, though.

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