Revenues and Profits of Tech Giants – Infographic


After becoming the world’s most valuable company in 2012, Apple is having a serious drop entering 2013, despite strong earnings and high expectations. Early this year Apple lost the market cap crown to Exxon Mobil with a market cap of $420 billion, while Google showing steady rise, with its stock reaching all-time highs of its own.

Will Google overtake Apple this year? What about the rest of the tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook? Check out our new infographic and tell us what you think.

Revenues and Profits of Tech Giants Infographic from

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10 Tips for How to Succeed in Managing Staff on

managing virtual staff

These are some practices that we have found effective when managing staff from the platform. There is an initial learning curve to overcome when dealing with completely virtual staff, but it’s worth it! The benefits are very significant when you get everything set up correctly. Read More

The Problems with Hiring Freelancers

Problems with freelancing jobs and hiring freelancers  

Online freelancing is a big thing.

Upwork (formerly oDesk) has grown by around 100% each year for the last 6 years. has completed over 4.1 million projects. So is freelancing the future of work? Do you see a future where everyone is working as a freelancer for several different employers? Read More

The State of SaaS – Infographic


According to Gartner, Software as a Service, or SaaS, will continue to experience a healthy growth through 2015 when worldwide revenue is projected to reach around $22 billion.

We're fascinated by SaaS at, probably because we have our own product Time Doctor, which is a Software as a Service.

Check out this infographic. It summarizes the current state of the industry.

The State of Software as a Service (SaaS) Infographic

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