The Billion Dollar Startups – Infographic


Not many startups make it past the initial stages.

But for some, they not only made it through the typically rough early years, they also shot skyward to a billion dollar valuation.

Here are the so called billion dollar startups. We've only included companies that started 2004 onwards, the year Facebook was founded.

The infographic below is brought to you by Check out's software to monitor employees.
The Billion Dollar Startups Infographic from

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How Much is Your Employee Costing You?

How much is your employee really costing you

Have you ever considered that employing workers cost more than just the salary you pay them? These are hidden costs: the taxes, the benefits, the equipment that your employee use, and these increases your actual employment costs.

So how do you calculate an employee’s true cost? Its very simple, and you can use our Employee Cost Calculator.

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10 Advantages of Virtual Teams

How to reduce your staffing costs by 40% and increase productivity

Virtual teams around the world

Once upon a time I had an office.

I used to visit it from time to time to check on the business and to see how everyone was going. It seemed at the time to be the right way to run a business.

Doesn’t every serious business have an office? Is it truly possible to run a business virtually?

The world is changing, and I believe that an “office” is a 20th century concept ready for disruption.

Lower office costs

That’s an obvious one, but did you realize how the costs of an office can add up? The lease, electricity, computer equipment etc, it all adds up to a very significant ongoing cost. Read More

Bringing Back the 40 Hour Work Week

Woolworth female employees striking for a 40-hour work week, 1937

While the worldwide economy is starting to recover from the recession, for workers it’s a different story. Job security issues, high competition for available jobs and the decreasing average income help fuel the trend of workers putting 50 or more hours at work every week .

And so workplace stress has escalated progressively over the past few years, numerous studies show.

This in turn leads to less productivity in the workplace.

What if businesses stick to the 40 hour work week, and in doing so reduce stress and maximize employee productivity?

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