Payroll: Paying via Ko-kard

Ko-kard is a payment option for workers in the Philippines only. The advantages of using ko-kard are:

  • You can send automatically from your bank card in countries such as the US, Australia, UK.
  • Potentially a lower cost than PayPal. The cost is $7 per transfer which compares with 4% for standard transfers and 2% for MassPay.
  • Employees receive money in their local currency (pesos) which saves them money
  • Workers don’t need a bank account to receive the money. They will be sent a card in the mail and they can withdraw money from an ATM using this card.
  • The currency exchange rate is potentially lower than PayPal. They don’t give a specific rate but say that it should always be the same or better than PayPal.


How to set up ko-kard

  1. Click the activation button to turn it “on” in your payroll settings page
  2. Click on the link to sign up for ko-kard. You will then need to enter your account details and verify your account within the website
  3. Select each staff member that you want to pay via ko-kard
  4. Make sure to log into the website and add each of these staff members. They will be then sent a card.
  5. At the end of each payroll you will need to download a spreadsheet and then use the details to send payment amounts within the website. We do not have a direct integration at this stage, so you will need to do everything within their website. If you would like to request that we work on the integration please contact support.

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